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Do Solar Batteries Qualify for the Solar Tax Credit?

April 1, 2024

Solar power technology is gaining momentum worldwide, with both homeowners and businesses seeking ways to reduce their dependence on conventional energy sources and minimize their carbon footprint. One way to make this possible is by installing solar panels. However, adding solar batteries with a new system or even to an existing system is becoming increasingly…  Read the entire post »

Battery Fires: An Important Note on Home Battery Safety

March 18, 2024

Battery Fires: Why Are UL5940A and UL5940 Important? Batteries are a critical component of our move to a clean energy economy. Typically called Energy Storage Systems (or ESS) or BESS (Battery Energy Storage Systems), such systems are used to store solar power produced during the day so that it can be used overnight or on…  Read the entire post »

How Long Do Residential Solar Batteries Last?

November 14, 2023

A residential solar battery for a solar panel system can play a massive role in taking your system to the next level. Storing excess power instead of sending it to the grid allows you to have access to a variety of different options as to what you can do with your generated solar energy. In…  Read the entire post »

Generac-PWRcell: The Whole House Backup Solution

November 4, 2020

In New England, power outages are not uncommon. We have winter storms, summer storms, we’ve even had a perfect storm. Have you ever had all the food in your fridge spoil because your power was out? Or desperately needed wifi for your work-from-home meeting? It’s times like these when you can benefit from backup power.…  Read the entire post »

Tesla Solar Battery: The Powerwall (Not The Only Game In Town)

September 27, 2019

One of the hottest topics in solar these days is a solar power battery, particularly Tesla’s solar battery . That is, a battery to shift your solar production to the non-sunny part of the day as well as provide a backup power source for when the grid isn’t working. And if you’ve thought about a…  Read the entire post »

Battery Backup for Solar: One Man’s Quest to Keep the Lights on During Power Outages

October 2, 2013

Guest Post by New England Clean Energy Customer George Snyder Installing a solar photovoltaic system to generate clean, cost-effective electricity fulfilled a long-standing desire for me and my wife. On many days it provides more energy than we use. However, it could not reduce the frustration of power failures. Grid-tied solar electric systems are required…  Read the entire post »