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Solar is Not a One Size Fits All Product

March 19, 2018

As solar has become the new energy standard, homeowners want to buy it as quickly as possible, sometimes without anyone measuring the roof in person. While technology has made solar energy systems easier to design and install than ever, solar is far from a one-size-fits-all product that you can pluck off the shelf like a…  Read the entire post »

Does Your Solar Installer Matter?

March 15, 2018

Does it matter which company installs your solar? Some people think it doesn’t. I beg to differ. Never mind the differences in quality between companies. What does the company itself stand for? Most people prefer to give their hard-earned money to a company they respect. Business practices, including how company management treats customers and employees, say something. Two of…  Read the entire post »

Solar Truck Rolling Out

March 5, 2018

Our Operations Manager Rick snapped this great photo of our new truck rolling out of our Hudson, MA parking lot in the early morning light. It’s so pretty I had to share.

Solar Warranties – Boring but Necessary

March 1, 2018

I get it. Warranties are boring. And sometimes unnecessary (think extended warranties on kitchen appliances). But when it comes to putting a small solar energy “power plant” on the roof of your biggest asset – your home –  you want to be confident in the workmanship, and that you are getting the performance and savings…  Read the entire post »

How Electric Utilities Make Money

February 22, 2018

Did you know investor owned electric utilities (IOUs) including Eversource, National Grid, Unitil, and Liberty Utilities don’t make money on the generation of electricity? I know that sounds strange, but it’s generally true. In the late 1990s and early 2000s, utilities in New England produced or generated electricity, and delivered it to homes and businesses.…  Read the entire post »

Two Ways A Mature Solar Market Benefits Buyers

February 6, 2018

It’s common knowledge solar is booming, and it’s here to stay. Like with most consumer goods (think computers, cell phones), a mature product means even better deals for you, the buyer. Here’s how: #1 – Because solar is so popular, more companies are installing it and competing for your business. While that can be annoying…  Read the entire post »

Buyer’s Guide to Going Solar

February 1, 2018

More than a million Americans have installed their own solar energy systems, reducing their electricity costs, attaining some independence from the utilities, and helping the planet. Is it time for you to shift your electricity budget into solar? Our free Buyer’s Guide ebook takes you through the basics: Is solar right for you and your…  Read the entire post »

New Tariff Won’t Stop the Solar Trend

January 24, 2018

What the Solar Tariff Means to You Monday, President Trump imposed a 30% tariff on imported solar cells and panels. What does this mean to homeowners and businesses wanting to shift their electricity budgets away from the utilities and into their own clean, cost-effective solar? Thankfully, not a lot. Don’t get me wrong, this tariff…  Read the entire post »

Re-Thinking if Your Roof Works for Solar

January 18, 2018

Good news: Most people these days have a pretty good idea of whether or not their roof works for solar. Bad news: They often don’t know that what makes a good solar roof has changed a lot in the past few years. For years, roofs that were fairly shady, or faced east or west, couldn’t…  Read the entire post »

Who’s Going Solar?

January 15, 2018

Solar has become so popular and mainstream that I can barely remember the days when only “tree huggers” wanted the product. Then there was the phase when people thought only rich people could afford solar, but the introduction of solar loans fixed that misperception. Who’s going solar today? I’m not exaggerating when I say nearly everyone…  Read the entire post »