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How Does the Solar Tax Credit Work?

November 8, 2022

If you are considering clean energy or recently had solar panels installed, you should understand how simple it is to receive your federal tax credit. Don’t let the word “tax” scare you away; it is much easier than you think.  Who’s eligible for the solar tax credit? The first thing you should know is whether…  Read the entire post »

Why 2022 is the Year to Go Solar

January 17, 2022

We’ve gotten a lot of questions from people since Biden’s new “Build Back Better Bill” was first introduced, asking if it would be a good idea to wait for the bill to pass before going solar. For one, I’ll say we’re not entirely sure it will pass yet. We’re following along just like you are…  Read the entire post »

Comparing Solar Incentives in Massachusetts

July 29, 2021

Completing our review of solar incentives throughout our primary service areas, this month we’re tackling solar incentives in Massachusetts. Between the Federal Investment Tax Credit (ITC), net metering, and other state programs Massachusetts has some of the best solar incentives in the country. So not only can you experience the benefits of renewable energy, but…  Read the entire post »

Comparing New Hampshire Solar Incentives

July 1, 2021

With the current Presidential Administration in place, Renewable Energy and in particular Solar Energy has been getting a lot of press and attention on television, in the papers, radio, social media and more. Particularly, solar incentives. Regardless of where you are on the political spectrum, it’s a great time to go solar. That’s because solar is…  Read the entire post »

Comparing Solar Incentives in Rhode Island

June 15, 2021

Homeowners installing a solar electric system in Rhode Island have two good choices when it comes to picking a state program to defray the cost:  fondly known as “REF” and “REG.” The difference in RI Solar Incentives can be a tad confusing so here’s an explanation and a comparison of the two.  REF  (Renewable Energy…  Read the entire post »

Is the Solar Federal Investment Tax Credit Gone? NO!

February 27, 2020

Big changes can often elicit confusion and worse, incorrect information. Our move to clean energy as a nation (and planet) is certainly no exception. In fact, it probably is a stellar example of the problem. But let’s focus on the myths surrounding the Solar Federal Investment Tax Credit (ITC), because where there is money concerned…  Read the entire post »

How to Get the Federal Solar Tax Credit

February 12, 2020

Taxes may be a dry topic, but if you want to save money with solar, this is a very important post for those who want to know about solar incentives. Please read on. I’ll start at the beginning. Jump ahead if you don’t need answers to the first few questions. And see the glossary of…  Read the entire post »

Solar Investment Tax Credit: “Not Dead Yet!”

December 20, 2019

So went the famous line from the 1975 movie, “Monty Python and the Holy Grail” and now so does the Federal Investment Tax Credit (ITC) for solar systems. In short, the Federal Investment Tax Credit for going solar is not dead and gone. Instead, it has merely dropped a bit, whereby the old credit of…  Read the entire post »

What is Net Metering?

June 25, 2019

And Why You Should Care About It if You Have New England Solar Power This question could legitimately be in our “Top Solar Questions” article, but the fact is most people asking about New England solar power don’t ask because they haven’t heard of it yet. Net metering is kind of simple once it is…  Read the entire post »

Federal Tax Credit For Solar Panels: Fear Of Missing Out

May 22, 2019

As they say, you can’t predict the future, but at the moment it would be hard to blame anyone that was feeling maximum “Fear Of Missing Out” (FOMO) when it comes to going solar. Yes, technology will keep marching on and prices will continue their decline, but there is definitely less room for significant price…  Read the entire post »