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After decades with no control over our electric and oil bills, times are changing. Let us help you put the power where it belongs: in your hands. Products like solar electric and solar heating and cooling systems are saving people and businesses money, and making life more comfortable. (And solar electricity pays for itself!)home-energyindependence-07



Thanks to our customers for helping us help the planet

ne clean energy customers with bannerne clean energy 10th anniversary logoNew England Clean Energy was founded in 2006. Ten years, one name change, three offices, 37 employees and 750 solar electric systems later, we are a leader in the regional solar industry.

We calculate that our customers’ clean solar energy prevented the release of 10,099 tons of CO2, which is like taking 1,935 cars off the road or the carbon sequestration of 8,670 acres of trees.

We look forward to serving central, MetroWest and southeastern MA; southern NH; and RI; for decades to come.


Solar is risk-free with us.

Have questions about solar or other clean energy products, but don’t want to fill out a web form for fear you’ll be hounded by pushy salespeople? Don’t worry, that’s not how we roll at New England Clean Energy.

In fact, we want to help you learn about solar before you call and ask for a proposal. So browse, and learn how solar is a safe, risk-free investment thanks to our industry-leading warranties and award-winning customer service. And call us when you’re ready.


All solar installers are not created equal.

Do you want a beautiful system that will enhance your property? Then let Clean Energy’s local, highly trained employees install the finest products using methods that exceed applicable standards.

After all, you’re not buying a gallon of milk or a new bookcase. A solar energy system will be on your roof for decades. It should work as efficiently and safely as possible, and it should look perfect, because “good enough” isn’t. (Here’s what perfect and imperfect look like.)

Don’t settle for corporate cookie-cutter. Demand craftsman quality.

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We have more reviews on independent consumer website Solar Reviews than any installer in the Northeast.

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