New England Clean Energy is expanding how we serve customers who are looking to take control of their energy futures.We now sell energy-efficient heating and cooling systems in Massachusetts (to be expanded into other states soon).

That may not sound like such a big deal, but we work very hard to grow at a sustainable rate. We were here before the solar market exploded, and we’ll be here after, quietly and confidently serving existing and new customers. Many a small company (and big ones, for that matter) have failed from growing too fast. We don’t want to be the latest example. So we’re growing steadily and calmly, ensuring we’ll be here long-term to serve customers, hopefully without ever laying off a single employee.

energy efficient heating . mitsubishi ductless mini splitIn addition to designing and installing solar electric (photovoltaic) systems for homes and businesses, we now sell ductless “mini-split” heating and cooling systems, and solar attic fans. Solar electric systems are just whetting the public’s appetite for energy independence and savings, in my opinion. Many solar owners want to use their clean energy to power equally clean and efficient heating technologies. Mini-splits are a great option for them.

Other consumers may not be ready for solar, or may not have the roof for it, but want to use more environmentally friendly technologies in their homes and businesses, while saving money. The great thing about mini-splits is they do all that, while making your spaces more comfortable in terms of temperature and air quality.

So if you’re in Massachusetts and looking to modernize your home or business heating system, get in touch. We’d love to serve you.


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