We’re celebrating our 10th Anniversary this year, as you may have read (and will read again – I’m planning to enjoy this milestone for an entire year!).

As we were putting displays together for our recent Customer Appreciation Day in honor of our 10th Anniversary, we spent time thinking about the many reviews our customers have posted on the Solar Reviews independent website over the years.

We realized it’s not just quantity and quality of reviews that are important when consumers research products and companies. It’s also consistency. A company with years of consistently positive reviews is more likely to continue providing great products and services in the future than one with spotty customer satisfaction. Some of our earlier reviews rightfully point out our start-up difficulties, but overall our reviews have remained consistently positive for a decade.

To confirm this, we compiled the first review of each year from 2009 through 2016. (We didn’t have reviews for the prior 2 years.) Here they are — click here for page 1 and use the arrow to get to page 2.

So thanks to our customers not only for going solar with New England Clean Energy, but for sharing your experiences with others considering solar.

word cloud of solar reviews


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