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The Benefits of Installing Solar on Metal Roofs

June 18, 2018

Guest post by Mike Gonet, Senior Partner at Classic Metal Roofs. New England Clean Energy and Classic Metal Roofs have collaborated on many successful metal roof/solar projects.   If you are considering having a solar electric system added to your roof, why install it on a roof that won’t last as long as the solar…  Read the entire post »

Net Metering is Not a Subsidy

November 23, 2015

My friend and solar industry colleague Emily Rochon at MassSolar penned a piece for CommonWealth Magazine last Friday, which I want to share. If you’ve been following the solar net metering debate at all, chances are the numbers, assertions, rhetoric and claims from both sides of the debate have your head spinning and your eyes glazing over. Emily’s…  Read the entire post »

Quality Matters: My Experience Going Solar – Part 3

October 30, 2014

Post-Installation and Beyond Guest post by New England Clean Energy Customer C.J. Siano The office staff that handled the paperwork, the various state filings, and all the rest were on top of it the whole way. I was told it might be up to three weeks from the finish of the project until we could…  Read the entire post »

Quality Matters: My Experience Going Solar – Part 2

October 29, 2014

The Installation Guest post by New England Clean Energy Customer C.J. Siano We had our roof replaced at roughly the same time as installing solar, and our roofer and N.E. Clean Energy worked together so the solar mounts were properly mounted and flashed and the roof worked with them. Both companies did a great job…  Read the entire post »

Quality Matters: My Experience Going Solar – Part 1

October 28, 2014

Choosing an Installer Guest post by New England Clean Energy Customer C.J. Siano Thinking of going solar? Here’s a brief guide based on my experience with my 9,945-watt system in Bolton, MA, which went live on October 1. Bottom line? Quality matters, whether it’s the quality of the installation company, the equipment they sell, or…  Read the entire post »

How to Increase Your NStar Credits by Almost 20%

August 14, 2014

Originally posted on MassSolarInfo.com. Reprinted with permission. (Thanks, Gary!) Sometimes you have all the facts in front of you and can analyze the pros and cons of a particular venture. And sometimes you just have to go with your gut. Oftentimes it’s the latter that yields the greatest rewards. Such was my experiment switching to…  Read the entire post »

Going Solar in Stow

April 9, 2014

Guest post by New England Clean Energy Customer Carl Howe Since my solar energy system was installed in Dec. 2013, and turned on in Jan. 2014, I’ve had a lot of questions from friends and neighbors about the process. Here is a summary of how I went solar through the Stow Solar Challenge in Stow,…  Read the entire post »

Battery Backup for Solar: One Man’s Quest to Keep the Lights on During Power Outages

October 2, 2013

Guest Post by New England Clean Energy Customer George Snyder Installing a solar photovoltaic system to generate clean, cost-effective electricity fulfilled a long-standing desire for me and my wife. On many days it provides more energy than we use. However, it could not reduce the frustration of power failures. Grid-tied solar electric systems are required…  Read the entire post »

Guest Post: Shopping for Solar – Don’t Just Focus on Dollars

March 26, 2013

Thanks to our friends at EnergySage for this unbiased, independent piece on why more factors than cost-per-watt should be considered when selecting a solar installer. This perspective is very relevant to smaller, local companies like New England Clean Energy that compete with large, venture capital-financed national companies. In fact, “consider whether you want to support…  Read the entire post »