berlin clean energy solarIf you’re looking for an article saying solar is dead, you’ve come to the wrong place. Solar is officially here to stay. Americans have had a taste of energy independence and they like it. The “solar revolution” is over because the war has been won.

Sure, some utilities and anti-solar forces still want to kill solar. And sure, you hear news reports about solar taking a step backwards in some states. Consider those minor battles and insurgent skirmishes.

Because overall, solar is booming. That’s why anti-solar forces are working so hard to kill it. More solar was added to the U.S. power grid in 2016 than any other fuel source.

Solar is fast becoming the new normal. The industry standard. Houses are being designed and built with solar in mind. People are starting to install solar knowing they are selling their homes soon, because they understand solar increases re-sale value and decreases sale time. It seems everyone has solar, wants solar, has looked into solar, or is at least wondering if solar would work for them.

commercial clean energyIn the midst of this success, the value of some solar incentives is declining, which can confuse consumers. But in most cases, this is the normal, planned ramping down of government incentives as the industry matures.

What does this mean for you, if you haven’t gone solar yet? Did you miss the boat? Of course not. Incentives can be pared back, within reason, without undue damage to the industry or your pocketbook, in part because solar panel and equipment prices have dropped so much. Taken together, that keeps prices at a reasonable level.

Yes, if your state has generous solar programs in place, you’ll get more valuable incentives if you go solar sooner, rather than waiting and watching the incentives decrease. But solar prices have dropped to a sustainable level, consumer demand is strong, and solar is becoming more popular every day.

Next week, I’ll address a related topic: Can My Solar Incentives Be Taken Away?

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