Shopping for solar is fun. Figuring out which solar company to sign up with can be confusing and frustrating.

comparing solar quotesWhen comparing proposals from different solar companies, it’s helpful to look at the assumptions used in their calculations. Very small changes in those assumptions can make one solar quote look far better than another in terms of how much money you could save and make.

The installer’s rating of your roof’s solar-friendliness, for example, can have a big impact on the numbers in your proposals. That’s why we always take actual measurements before finalizing proposals, instead of relying on satellite images.

In the end, there may not be as much difference between competing proposals as the sales people want you to think. A reputable installer will be happy to tell you how they came up with their numbers. And, a reputable installer will guarantee that your solar will perform as promised. If they won’t, that’s a sign that they don’t even trust their own estimates.

clean energy ebook solar proposalsOur ebook on Understanding Solar Quotes shows you how tweaks to the assumptions can have a dramatic effect on your solar proposals. More important, it offers tips on how to weigh the different proposals and, ultimately, make your decision.

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