When I fondly call some of our customers “old timers” I’m not talking about their ages. I’m talking about how long they’ve been proud solar owners, saving on their electric bills and helping the planet.

In the past few months, we received these comments from people who went solar three to 10 years ago. If you’re still wondering if you should shift your electricity budget into solar, have a read through these comments from people with years of solar ownership under their belts.

Out of respect for the elders, I’ll start with the “oldest” first:

Old Timers Testimonials

Went Solar In...Town/StateComment Made in Early 2018
2008Acton, MAAll good after almost 10 years. Savings have been more than installer predicted. Best investment in our homestead.
2013Westford, MAThe panels have been a complete success and we are proud to produce more energy than we consume on average.
2013Lunenburg, MAThe proof that this was an extremely good investment is that we've had no electric bills for more than 2 years. The entire system will pay for itself in 7 years.
2014Oxford, MABest decision ever. No electric bills all year plus pays for itself and makes money.
2014Lexington, MAVery happy with their professional and clean installation and still happy with the outcome and my decision after 4 years!
2015Newton, NHBeen up and running for almost two years now and love the system and the lack of electric bills.
2015Holden, MAYears after installation the system is performing as designed, the installation has proven to be top notch and I'm yet to pay a power bill.
2015Leominster, MAThe job came in on budget and has performed just as promised. The installers went out of their way to make the job as attractive as possible.
2016Carlisle, MAWe are very satisfied with our solar panels. During the high production months, we pay nothing for electricity costs in our business building. This high production offsets the cost of our electricity bill at home. We're so glad we went solar with New England Clean Energy!


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