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Why Choose Us

Imagine buying a car with a 20-year warranty for parts, labor and service, and guaranteed performance including gas mileage. Not likely to happen, right? But that’s what you get when you go solar with New England Clean Energy. Seriously. Our industry-leading, 10- and 20-year warranties on workmanship and system performance guarantee the value of your investment. Put another way, they make solar risk-free.

Solar Reviews Top Rated New England Clean EnergyThat’s just one of the ways Clean Energy offers the best value in New England solar. Don’t take it from us. Listen to our customers. We have more positive reviews on independent website SolarReviews than any other solar installer in the Northeast. We’re third in the country for number of reviews, out of 3,000+ companies nationwide. Not bad for a small company from central Mass.

We work hard for that high rating. No-pressure sales, the best solar equipment and solar financing products in the market, and clear communication throughout the process…it all adds up to a great solar experience, topped off by our crews. Not only are our crews the kind of people you want in your home, they are obsessed with spacing your panels evenly, hiding the electrical runs, and installing an aesthetically pleasing, safe and reliable solar energy system you’ll be proud to call your own.

If you don’t think it matters which company installs your solar, we humbly request you think again. Several of our employees worked at other companies – hear how they describe the differences in business practices and customer satisfaction in the videos on our Why Choose Us page.

Talk to us about your home energy needs. We’ll deliver the right products for you, plus a whole lot of peace of mind.

Contact us to go solar and join the thousands of New England homeowners and businesses already saving with their own clean energy.

IMG_1779_800x600_aw“We chose New England Clean Energy because they have been installing solar in MA for quite some time and all of their customers seem to be very happy with their systems. We cannot be any happier with our solar system and the installation job that the New England Clean Energy crew did.”

—Mahir Akarsu