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To Be Part of The Solution, Not The Problem

Flavio of Westford, MA: Solar Electric

“It made me more aware of my energy consumption, the weather, and it made me feel like I was saving money on sunny days.”

Flavio Fernandes considers himself a bit of a tree hugger. He initially decided to install solar on his Westford property in October 2013 for two main reasons: he felt like he was using a lot of electricity and bigger than that he wanted to be part of the solution instead of part of the problem. So, for Flavio solar panel installing solar was all about the environment. His overall goal was to essentially make more power than he needed so he could help with the environment. 

That said, Flavio recognizes the financial benefits he has received since going solar. He and his family benefited from the SREC (former state solar incentives program that is replaced by a relatively similar SMART program now) and a nice tax break for the year the unit was installed. He definitely supports the general movement towards a 100% clean energy service. Even though it costs a little extra, his dedication to the environment continued to inspire him. 

“It made me more aware of my energy consumption, the weather, and it made me feel like I was saving money on sunny days,” Flavio said, reflecting on how solar has impacted his life. 

All that said, like you may imagine he had concerns before the actual solar panel installation. After all, it is on your home and roof. He wondered how long it would last, if the system would need a lot of maintenance, and how to know if it did need to be fixed or replaced. Fortunately, Roy, his sales consultant, calmed those worries and helped him through the process. 

westford solarSince the solar panel installation, Flavio was even inspired to get an electric car. When asked about his electric bill Flavio laughed and joked: “What’s an electric bill? I make more than 100% I use. Well, that was the case until I bought an electric car.”

That was Flavio’s biggest regret. He wished he had installed an even bigger system to accommodate for his electric car. However, at the time there was a 10k limit. Still, that hasn’t stopped him from recommending both solar and New England Clean Energy.

“Your team is just super. It’s awesome.” Flavio said to us when we were making this material ready. 

Now that the ongoing pandemic has pushed people back inside their homes, the need for cheap and clean energy is so imperative. We’re using more electricity with our AC’s running all day and our desk lamps are on while we work from home. Flavio recognized this urgency and offered one piece of advice about solar: “Make the politicians help you pay for it. This is not just for you, it is for the survival of the human race on earth. No pressure.” 

With solar incentives, we’re trying to do just that. 

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