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Early Adopter Hits Pay Dirt

solar hot water. Case Study: Early Adopter Hits Pay Dirt
Joel & Family of Bolton, MA: Solar Electric, Solar Hot Water & Attic Fan

“I love my system, I love New England Clean Energy, and I believe in solar.”

When Joel, an attorney in Bolton, MA, first researched solar energy, a PV system cost around $80,000. Many an early adopter understands this tale of woe. “With no tax breaks or SREC credits, the cost was prohibitively high,” he says.

Several years later, federal and state incentives changed the equation considerably. After talking to several installers, Joel chose New England Clean Energy to help him go solar “because I could instantly tell that everyone there truly cares about what they are doing, as opposed to just being in the business for money. Mark is professional, knowledgeable and honest. The estimate was competitive. Why wouldn’t I hire this company?”

In 2010, when solar electric and hot water systems and a solar attic fan were installed on Joel’s home, he knew solar would meet his environmental goals. But he’s been blown away by the financial benefits of solar energy. Here’s his story:

“I decided to install solar on my home to reduce my carbon footprint. I knew I had the perfect solar roof – large, with southern exposure and no shade.

“I hoped to save some money over time, but never imagined it would work out so well. My electric bills dropped from $250 a month to about $100. A large part of my electric bill previously came from heating water for my three daughters’ showers, so I’m sure my solar hot water accounts for close to half my savings.

“My first SRECs (Solar Renewable Energy Certificates) sold at $500, but then dropped as more solar entered the market. That was disappointing, but overall my solar savings have exceeded my expectations. And I love controlling my costs by producing my own power.

“And let’s not forget my solar attic fan. Before, my attic temperature often reached 140 degrees. Now, it rarely goes above 100, keeping the rest of the house cooler.”

“As for New England Clean Energy, I truly believe it is a great company. I cannot say enough positive things about the entire solar experience. Every dealing with everyone there was professional, informative and heart-felt. I love my system, I love New England Clean Energy, and I believe in solar.”