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Making Sun Money

rising energy costs
Jerry & Christine of Weston: Solar Electric

“Our savings have been impressive. We’re sure we made the right choice.”

Like many retirees, Jerry and Christine were concerned about rising energy costs. Their NStar bills kept going up, and they knew it would only get worse. When they first looked into solar as a possible alternative, they knew very little about how it all worked. So they were very pleased to learn about the programs Massachusetts offered at the time to support solar installations (rebate, tax credit, SRECs), as well as the availability of a federal tax credit.

They checked out four solar installation companies and selected New England Clean Energy. “We felt they responded best to our needs, answering all of our questions and making the whole process seem manageable, including acquiring all the necessary permits and completing the paperwork,” Jerry recalls.

rising energy costs Their 8,600-watt solar electric system was installed on their Weston home in 2011. They went with micro-inverters that allow each of their 40 solar panels to operate independently of the others. While this costs a bit more, it ensures higher production because a little shade on one panel affects only that panel.

How happy are Jerry and Christine with their solar electric system? It’s best to let Jerry answer: “We’ve now had the system nearly a year, and are very happy with our decision to go forward.

“We monitor the panel production online and continue to be amazed at the impact it has had on our electric bill. Our first electric bill in late summer was dramatically lowered from a high of approximately $300.00 to approximately $4.00! We now have received two SREC checks for over $1,000 each. Our savings have been impressive. We’re sure we made the right choice.”