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Why Choose Us

Solar panel companies: why choose us

We do what we say, and say what we do.

Why choose New England Clean Energy? Three simple ideas:

  • Local and here for the long haul
  • High quality aesthetically pleasing work at a fair price
  • Our industry leading warranties and enjoyable sales process

Why else would we have so many positive reviews? 

After all, your solar system is going to be part of your home or business for decades, and as such it should be built to last, look great, and deliver the clean solar energy you initially paid for. Plus, remember that solar is – in almost every case – a simple reallocation of the money you’re spending now on your electric bill to be spent on your new system that will pay for itself long before it stops working. As such, if a few more dollars gets you a better looking more reliable solar system why would you cut corners. Corners, that could in the long run, cost you more money.

Solar Reviews

Our approach has earned us extremely high customer satisfaction among all other solar panel companies, which we never take for granted. Every day when we flip on the computers and load up the vans, we’re ready to deliver our absolute best service. It helps that we’re not shareholder-owned or venture capital funded, so we answer to customers, not investors.

When you’re ready, talk to us about your home or business energy goals. We’ll deliver the right products for you, plus a whole lot of peace of mind.

(We serve all of Rhode Island, New Hampshire, and Massachusetts East of Springfield. )



final_cropped_nbjkc_800x579“Once we decided to go solar, we chose New England Clean Energy because it was local and had a good reputation. We were not disappointed. From the initial sales meetings through the installation to the final handoff, Clean Energy was a pleasure to work with, always responsive, friendly, and thoroughly professional. We recommend them wholeheartedly.”

—Clare Kehrer of North Brookfield, MA