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Solar’s Role in July’s Heat Wave

July 30, 2018

If the extremely hot July we’re having has you cursing the sun, think again. Because solar energy systems in New England, powered of course by the sun, are having a real, measurable and positive impact on electricity prices and the planet in this oppressive heat wave. The evidence of this will turn you from a…  Read the entire post »

Interpreting Solar Access, TOF and TSRF

July 24, 2018

Enough sun reaches the Earth to power the entire planet, as you may have heard. But can your home or business produce enough solar to meet your electricity needs? It depends on your roof size, and its TSRF. My what? you ask. Let me back up. The “solar-friendliness” of your roof depends on factors including…  Read the entire post »

Hey Fossil-Fuel Industry, Where’s Your Proof?

July 16, 2018

I admit I get a little up in arms when fossil-fuel industry lobbyists and utilities disguised as non-profit organizations spout unsubstantiated, anti-solar propaganda that confuses and misleads people. So when an Opinion piece called Hey solar industry, why the subsidy? appeared in New Hampshire Business Review, I felt compelled to respond. I appreciate that the magazine’s…  Read the entire post »

Solar for Horse Lovers

July 10, 2018

“Haaayyyy” horse lovers: We’ve put solar on so many New England horse barns that Holistic Horse magazine made us their “mane” source for a recent article on how equestrian facilities can benefit from solar energy, whether you have a sophisticated breeding farm or a small private barn. We enjoyed our talk with award-winning equestrian journalist…  Read the entire post »

SMART Solar Samples

June 27, 2018

The Massachusetts SMART (Solar Massachusetts Renewable Target) program is inching closer to reality, and we are quoting systems assuming the home or business owner will be in SMART as opposed to the previous program called SRECs. The “base compensation rates” have been set and the results are actually very encouraging. In some cases, particularly for…  Read the entire post »

Steer Massachusetts in the Right Clean Energy Direction

June 20, 2018

I rarely use The Energy Miser to encourage outreach by solar supporters to government leaders. There are plenty of solar advocacy blogs (Mass Solar, Vote Solar, SEBANE, etc.) doing that job very effectively. But Massachusetts is at a crossroads as I write. The solar progress of the previous administration is being trampled on by current…  Read the entire post »

The Benefits of Installing Solar on Metal Roofs

June 18, 2018

Guest post by Mike Gonet, Senior Partner at Classic Metal Roofs. New England Clean Energy and Classic Metal Roofs have collaborated on many successful metal roof/solar projects.   If you are considering having a solar electric system added to your roof, why install it on a roof that won’t last as long as the solar…  Read the entire post »

Low-Pressure Solar Sales

June 5, 2018

If you’re a video viewer, watch this 45-second explanation of our approach to sales. For more detail, read on. If high-pressure salespeople make you want to explode, or crawl and hide, try us. New England Clean Energy’s low-pressure sales approach is the #3 reason* customers choose us to install their solar. I was our first…  Read the entire post »

Solar Customer Satisfaction

May 29, 2018

I am lucky to sell a product that makes people feel good. Not many business-owners can say that 96% of their customers are happy with their purchase. New England Clean Energy can. And 74% of them “couldn’t be happier” – that’s some serious satisfaction! What are you waiting for? Join the ranks of our thrilled…  Read the entire post »

Listen to Your Elders for Sage Advice on Solar

May 15, 2018

When I fondly call some of our customers “old timers” I’m not talking about their ages. I’m talking about how long they’ve been proud solar owners, saving on their electric bills and helping the planet. In the past few months, we received these comments from people who went solar three to 10 years ago. If…  Read the entire post »