(This is the second in a series of three mini-split articles I’m posting this week.)

My last post covered how ductless mini-split cooling (and heating) systems can eliminate the annual A/C installation nightmare. But what do these systems look like in your home, you ask?


Here are a couple of pictures of “indoor units” installed in customer homes. As you can see, the indoor unit is mounted near the ceiling.

mini split in home   mini split home stock

Inside the unit is a fan and a set of self-adjusting louvers. The louvers can be configured by the remote control to sweep back and forth and up and down, or point the cool air in a specific direction or directions. The louver directions are easily set with the remote control.

I know this because we have six indoor units in our office here in Hudson. We love our mini-splits because they are quieter than the industrial-strength fans we used to have, and they provide near instantaneous cooling.

When the unit is off, the louvers close, making the unit look even sleeker. In this photo, the louvers are closed almost all the way:

indoor unit closed

The indoor unit is connected to the outdoor unit by two insulated refrigerant pipes and a power line.  We only have to drill a 3″ hole through the wall to run the pipes and wire. And, of course, the hole is behind the indoor unit and made weather tight from the outside.


mini-split outdoor unitOn the outside of your home, tucked up near the house or behind the bushes, is the “outdoor unit.” While not as good looking as the indoor units, they are also quite quiet. The two insulated pipes and power line are hidden behind paint-able covers (called “line hide”).

You’ll notice that the outdoor units are raised off the ground about two feet.  This keeps them out of the snow if you use your Mini-Split for heating (yes, the same systems provide heat, too).

All in all, it’s a super easy installation compared to many home improvement projects. And the sleek systems are barely noticeable after a while.

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