Every year, trade magazine Solar Power World compiles a list of the top solar contractors in the country. New England Clean Energy ranks very high nationally for a small, regional player. And we’re #14 in Massachusetts based on megawatts installed in 2017, among all solar installers including huge developers. But truth be told, that’s not what I care about.

I didn’t start this company to be the biggest, because biggest is not best.

I don’t want to expand beyond New England. I want this company to remain a local leader running a sustainable business that will be here long-term to serve our customers. I want to continue building long-term relationships with customers and maintaining our extremely high customer satisfaction.

Have you ever noticed there are no national HVAC companies? Service businesses like ours don’t lend themselves to national operations. Local companies know the market, the people, and even the weather – which matters a lot when it comes to solar. And of course most customers prefer a company that’s easily reached if a problem arises.

frustrated solar customerYou’ve seen it: The further companies get away from customers – whether through geographical distance or corporate hierarchy — the more likely they are to take customers for granted or – even worse – abuse them like this solar company is accused of doing.

So we gladly accept the kudos from Solar Power World, but my greater satisfaction comes from knowing that every time one of our residential or commercial customers in Massachusetts, New Hampshire or Rhode Island turns on their solar energy system, we’ve made their lives, and the planet, a little better. In other words, we’re making a difference right here, close to home.

Let us help write your solar storyLet us help write your solar story

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