If you’ve been reading this week’s blog series on Ductless Mini-Splits, I hope you’re convinced Mini-Splits are the way to go. But maybe they’re just not right for you due to timing, needs or money. There are other ways you can decrease your home’s cooling requirements to save money, help the Earth and be more comfortable.

clean energy awning

Awning retracted

clean energy extended awning

Awning partially extended

One of those ways is the installation of a retractible awning on any large south- or south-west facing windows or doors. In the winter, roll up the awning to collect the sun. In the summer, extend the awning to keep the sun out. I did this over my southwest-facing sliding door and was amazed by the impact it had on my kitchen temperature.

I found the awning on Craig’s List. It was the best $100 I’ve spent on my house.

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