Do you think solar is ugly?

Maybe you’re hesitating to put solar on your home for fear it will be unattractive. Or maybe, like me, you think solar is sleek and stylish. Whatever your views, if you’re a Pats fan, you might care what Nate Solder has to say on the matter.

In Episode 2 of our Solder on Solar video series, Nate — a New England Clean Energy customer — talks about the aesthetics of solar among other topics.

Nate Solder on How Solar Looks


Need more convincing? Here’s what a bunch of our customers think about how solar looks. As you’ll see in this short video, many of them weren’t sure about the aesthetics of solar at first, but now they love their panels.

NE Clean Energy Customers on Solar Aesthetics


Now that we’ve convinced you not to worry about how solar looks, give us a call. (Massachusetts residents: call soon because a generous state program called SRECs is ending soon and you want to get SRECs if you can.) Mention Nate’s video and we’ll donate $500 to cancer care and research if you sign up with us.


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