When I started New England Clean Energy 11 years ago, I was thinking of the future of my kids and the future of the planet they would inherit. At the time, I didn’t know how hard saving the planet would be.

One lesson I’ve learned since then is that we need to develop future leaders to help get the job done. So, a few years ago, New England Clean Energy began offering two scholarships: one at Hudson High School because we are located in Hudson, MA and want to support our local community; and one at Assabet Valley Regional Technical School because so many of our employees, in particular electricians, are alumni.

Each scholarship winner receives $500 to pursue higher education or to purchase the tools necessary to start his or her career.

New England Clean energy scholarship

Jonathan Williams and scholarship recipient Ian Chapdelaine at Assabet Valley Regional Technical School

Last week, we presented this year’s awards at the schools’ respective graduation ceremonies. Congratulations to Benjamin Plucinski of Hudson, who was awarded the Hudson High School scholarship; and Ian Chapdelaine of Worcester, who received the Assabet Valley scholarship.

We had many strong applicants. Ultimately, we looked for students who are committed to developing great ideas for improving our community and the environment.

As I told Benjamin at the Hudson High award ceremony, saving the planet is hard. However, I will always argue that it is worth it.


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