If you’re a video viewer, watch this 45-second explanation of our approach to sales. For more detail, read on.

If high-pressure salespeople make you want to explode, or crawl and hide, try us.

New England Clean Energy’s low-pressure sales approach is the #3 reason* customers choose us to install their solar. I was our first salesperson, and we hire people with the same mentality: Our job isn’t to make as many people as possible buy solar. Our job is to make the right match, and design the best systems for people who truly want solar and can benefit from it.

People often mention our low-key sales approach, completely unprompted, when they write online reviews of us. Here are a few of those comments (and I’ve included ten more at the end lest you think I exaggerate):

“I obtained pricing from 5 different solar companies. New England Clean Energy was the only company without the high pressure sales or the insulting ‘Used Car Salesman’ pitch.” — Fred, Sturbridge, MA

“After working with them I can see why they are so highly rated. Very professional with a low pressure sales process. The experience was much better at the proposal stage compared to another solar company we worked with.” — Murali, Lexington, MA

What Low-Pressure Sales Looks Like

low-pressure salesPeople in our office have experienced first-hand the heavy-handed tactics of some other solar companies. One calls people every single day. Another one emails people at least three times every week. Trust me, we don’t like being on the receiving end any more than you do.

Our commitment to low-pressure, or really no-pressure, sales means:

  • We provide a lot of educational materials on our website and blog, and via our free, semi-regular newsletter so you can learn at your pace.
  • When we visit your home, we don’t pressure you to sign right then and there, citing some special made-up deal of the month.
  • We give you options for panel, system size and warranties, rather than cram our biggest money-maker down your throat.
  • After we visit you, we stay in touch and answer your questions, but also give you space and time to make your decision if desired.
  • After you review other proposals, we happily provide more options or match another installer’s proposal to the best of our ability.

In short, we will listen to what you want to accomplish and do our very best to propose a system that will deliver that for you.

low-pressure salesFull disclosure: If you reach out to us for information, we will call and email a bunch of times to make contact. At that point we assume you are interested in solar and so don’t want you to miss out. We will also email you occasionally with information we hope is educational and useful. You can, of course, unsubscribe at any time.

If no pressure sounds good to you, contact us and let us help you lower your household expenses by shifting your electricity budget into solar. And if you need further proof of our low-pressure sales approach, read on.

More Testimonials on New England Clean Energy’s Low-Pressure Approach

“New England Clean Energy has lived up to its reputation for low-pressure sales, helpful employees, and integrity.” — Virginia, Acton, MA

“It was a pleasure doing business with NE Clean Energy. I appreciated their no pressure, attentive, professional manner.  It’s plain to see why they enjoy such great customer ratings.” — Jane, Burlington, MA

“Great company to do business with. Mark was very knowledgeable and responsive and we never felt pressured in any way.” — David, Hudson, NH

“I looked at a few solar solutions and New England Clean Energy was the best. There was no pressure during the sales stage of the project. They understood that solar is a big investment and that the customer may not want to sign a contract at the first visit. I was able to take my time to get comfortable with the process.” — Leo, Auburn, MA

“Great experience with NE Clean Energy. The sales process was very friendly and low pressure.” — Gary, Stow, MA

“Being hesitant at first, NE Clean Energy arranged for a visit to a nearby resident where I was able to discuss all aspects and experience with his solar system. At no time did I feel pressured.” — Raoul, Stow, MA

“I can’t overstate how happy I am with New England Clean Energy. The salesperson…was very professional. There was no high sales pressure at all in this process.” – Robert, Dedham, MA

“New England Clean Energy was a joy to work with. There were never any high sell pressure tactics used by this excellent company.” — Marc, New Bedford, MA

“They are great to work with, no pressure sales, quick to respond post installation. Very professional.” — Katie, Littleton, MA

“I had a great experience with New England Clean Energy. Sales was informative and low key – no pressure at all.” — Jeanette, Hudson, MA

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* According to a survey of customers conducted in 2017. The #2 reason was high customer satisfaction and #1 was being local.

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